What is TheraCare Skin Control Gel?

The cleansing- gel supports rapid regeneration of inflamed and irritated skin. At the same time the preparation protects from newly irritation and prevents infections. 


Skin regulating gels are especially used for cosmetic treatments such as removal of spots and pimples, hair removal or acne prophylaxis. Beauticians/Cosmeticians also use TheraCare Skin Control Gel for manicure to prevent inflammation of sensitive cuticle skin. 


The principle of action is based on the antibacterial and adsorbing cleaning effect on the skin. This means: By deeply penetrating the skin TheraCare binds noxious dirt particles, contaminants and fatty acids that cause inflammation. This cleaning process offers reliable skin-protection and eliminates redness and swellings. 


How does TheraCare Skin Control Gel work?

With TheraCare they succeeded to find an extremely pure aluminium compound with high viscosity for the first time.
With application of the preparation immediate hydrolysis occurs releasing a bactericidal acting alcohol as well as a highly active aluminiumhydroxide modification. At an extraordinary rate this aluminiumhydroxide adsorbes high-molecular substances, noxious proteins, bacteria, infectious dirt particles and many more. At the same time it stenches bleeding of injured blood vessels. 


The high surface basicity (high pH-value) of the freshly precipitated aluminiumhydroxide leads to extensive scission of hydrolysable compounds above all of high polymer proteins, resulting in a deactivation of infectious germs, proteins and fatty acids.


The antiphlogistic effect of guaiazulen soothes the skin appearance, lumps/swellings and erythema/redness disappear.
TheraCare deeply penetrates the skin and binds noxious dirt particles, contaminants and fatty acids that cause inflammation.  


Cosmetic Features

Cosmetic characteristics are the basics of a cosmetic product




Improvement of skin appearance and keeping a wealthy skin condition

Influence on body odour

Special Features


It is the special features of a highly developed compound that form the basis of an

extraordinary modern broadband cosmetic product.









Preventing inflammation


Skin protecting

Relieves irritations/Soothing

Prevents irritations

Supports healing and regeneration processes

Inhibits irritation